Sobriety Scholarships

Offering financial assistance for sober housing and related expenses.

For a large population, the overall cost of substance abuse care stops them from seeking help. Even for those with medical insurance, the out-of-pocket costs can prevent access to life-saving services. So, we created The Sobriety Scholarship Fund which offers financial assistance to individuals pursing a life free from addiction. By making substance abuse treatment accessible to a broader population, our goal is to improve society as a whole by empowering individuals to live their best lives.

sober social Events & activities

Cultivating fellowship and proving there are good times to be had without drugs or alcohol.

There is a common misconception that as life in sobriety begins, our fun and exciting social life must end. Not only does this lead to relapse as some in early recovery return to the habits, friends, and environments that had been enabling their addiction, but it also stops some addicts from seeking treatment at all. The reality is, there is more fun to be had and memories to be made in sobriety than there ever were while living in addiction. Unfortunately, the opportunities for recovering addicts to experience these good times are few and far between. Ultimately, the friends we gain through sobriety become our support system and lifeline as we all face the challenges of addiction recovery together.

recovery guidance & support

Leveraging our community's first-hand experiences to help navigate life in early recovery.

After addiction treatment ends, real life begins. We are challenged with finding our way in the world as newly sober individuals. And often times, we are lacking the tools and support needed to establish ourselves as productive members of society. By providing guidance as individuals learn, grow, and evolve, we are increasing the likelihood of sustained recovery.

Community Outreach

By promoting issue awareness, educating the public, building connections, and serving as advocates for healthy lifestyles, we actively contribute to the betterment of our local communities and its residents.

Many people are aware that substance abuse is a social epidemic, but not many people know what to do or how to support recovering addicts. Through organized events, fundraisers, educational campaigns, and youth services, we are breaking down social stigmas and opening doors for anyone looking to get involved. Addiction is an indiscriminate disease which can impact anyone, regardless of their demographic or socio-economic background. Our community outreach efforts make addiction information and recovery resources readily available for all walks of life.